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HeadsUp Interview

Protect ya neck! And more importantly, protect yer mental health. Here’s a wee interview I did for while waiting around to go onstage at a festival in Maynooth (a gig  which was so awful it set my mental wellbeing back by about five years, ironically). Have a wee look and remember if something is bothering you, stop being so fucking Irish about it!


Fellow Comedians; Keith Anderson

What words can describe Keith Anderson? Love the guy or hate him, I’m sure you can think of a few. But whether you agree with his points of view or not, you can’t fault his passion. Blacklisted from most of the clubs in Dublin, besieged by personal demons, yet STILL gigging around the country when most people would have packed it in. I frequently disagree with most of what Keith comes out with, and I wouldn’t be the biggest fan of his comedy, but I always listen to what the guy has to say. So when I heard he was re-starting the Neptune Comedy Club, I called him up to have a chat.

The following is part 1 of our 2-part interview, where we focus on the re-launch of The Neptune. The dark and grimy camerawork was an asthetic choice by myself, to reflect the darker nature of keith’s comedy. It has nothing to do with my shitty camera, honestly.

Fellow Comedians; Neil Hickey

Neil Hickey; Bulmers winner, Mish-Mash stalwart and all-round good guy. Here’s a couple of darkly hilarious videos written by this respected comedian, based on CJ Fallons “Ann & Barry” books from yesteryear. Keep an eye out too, for appearances from a wealth of Irish comedy talent…

Fellow Comedians; Trevor Browne

Hey all, here’s a video of fellow Bulmers Finalist and all-round top comedian Trevor Browne. This is his tribute to John Denver, which I seen Trev perform for the first time in the Battle of the Axe ages ago… It slayed me then, it slays me now. Enjoy.

No Punchline; a short film by Sharon Sutton.

A few weeks ago, I was approached by a lady called Sharon Sutton, who was doing a college course in video production and wanted to do a short film on comedy. So we spent a few days filming interviews and gig footage (shot a few weeks ago in the Kusanta sports bar, thank you very much Mr Ian Perth). So here it is; a short film which contains a small percentage of the interview footage (you gotta trust me when I say the rest of the chat involved me saying that all you guys are AWESOME) and a miniscule percentage of the making-a-cup-of-tea footage (because we shot that for HOURS, as evidenced in the out-takes at the end). I have more of the footage we shot, and might put that up later in the year, but for now sit back and take a look. Thanks a million to Sharon for all her hard work!

Black and Blue Interview

This is an interview I did last year for fellow comedian Keith Anderson, in which we chat about getting started in comedy, plus a few other things.  Enjoy!