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No Punchline; Best Dublin Comedy Club Poll Results

Well, here they are folks, the results of a poll designed to find Dublins favourite comedy club (and in doing so, to get me blacklisted from all the others). In the interest of not pissing anyone off too much, I’m only going to list out the top three. If you disagree with the results of the poll then hey; don’t blame me, blame democracy. Ok, enough arse-covering, here are your winners…

In Third Place…

Battle of the Axe, on Tuesdays and Thursdays picked up 16% of your votes, although I would wager that the majority of those votes were for the Tuesday night gig, which holds a fond spot in the hearts of comedians who had their first gigs there (and their mates who showed up to support them, and never went to a comedy club again). I personally find the Tuesday night to be a tough enough gig due to the largely partisan supporters of the new comedians who can at times decide that laughing at their friends shit material and blankly staring at the other acts is the right way to act at a comedy show. Thursday night is a good gig, although the large amount of tourists that attend (given its Temple Bar location) means that your material has to be nice and universal to get maximum laughs, which is good insofar as you can’t rely on your tried and tested local material, forcing you to try new things (which will only help you as you try to travel around with your set). The room itself is perfect, with no dog-leg turns where people can’t see the stage, and no pillars for chatters to hide behind. Tony is a great guy, who doesn’t mind if you try new material, is very accommodating to new acts, and even throws you the odd MC gig so you can give that a go. New clubs come and new clubs go, with very little effect on the overall scene, but without the Battle of the Axe gigs, new acts would be in serious trouble.

In Second Place…

There’s no such thing as a bad night in the International, but it seems that people have a soft spot for Tuesday nights Mish-Mash show, giving it 17% of the ballot. Wednesdays Comedy Cellar and the weekends International Comedy shows are more straight laced nights, but Tuesdays are much more irreverent; short, fast sets from a mix of new acts looking to impress and established acts looking for a place to have fun. What I’ve noticed most about the Mish-Mash is it’s return audience, more than I’ve seen in any other club. This could be down to Andrews MC style in the Mish-Mash, where he and Fred get up and play with the crowd, as opposed to doing sets. It’s a riot, and the crowd love it; so much so that the first act on is a tough spot; I’ve struggled many times when I went on first to a crowd that just wanted more biscuit mayhem, and had little or no interest in anything else!

As for the room, well, what can I say; it’s the International. It’s custom built for comedy; a big stage to streeeeetch yourself out, perfectly lit, and the perfect size- at capacity it can look like you’re playing to hundreds, and with small crowds it’s small enough to still look full. But the defining characteristic of this club is it’s lack of a microphone or PA; no room to mumble, no way to hide your shortcomings, nothing to do except sack up and make your act carry to the back of that room. It works wonders with helping to develop stage presence and vocal performance, so much so that I’m surprised more places don’t follow suit. Per square inch, it’s the best room in the city; couple that with the anarchic goings on on Tuesday nights, and that’s how you get a great comedy club.

In First Place…

20% of the vote for a club just a little over a year old; someone is doing something right. Wednesdays Laugh Out Loud club shows that there a new club CAN succeed in Dublin, despite the bitter naysayers who say the established venues have the market sewn up. Aidan Killian tackled his first comedy club like any new promoter should; like it was work. In my opinion, a lot of new clubs are run very haphazardly; little thought goes into the booking of the acts, with far too many performers on any given night due to promoters not wanting to appear too hardnosed when booking, trying to be too friendly. Aidan books acts he’s seen, acts he trusts. Each line-up has plenty of quality, plus a new act or two to help new guys along. But most importantly, he books HEADLINERS. Proper, headline quality acts, not just the flavour-of-the-month open mic. Now, I’ve never pried into any promoters business, but I’d be damn sure that in Laugh Out Louds infancy, he must have lost his shirt week in, week out. But he kept it up, worked at it until it paid off and the club got established. In those first months, like any other new club, the audiences swayed from full rooms (that’s all your mates and well wishers) to empty rooms (as your mates find excuses as the weeks roll on), before settling on nice numbers of people who needed mid-week entertainment without the ball-pain of driving into the heart of the city.

Venue wise, Anseo does a lot right; the entrance is at the back, so you don’t have people wandering in front of you as you perform. The lights are low so even the smallest crowds feel comfortable laughing their arses off (overly bright rooms are mood killers, ask my ex-girlfriend arf arf arf). There’s a great seating set-up and the acoustics are fantastic. There’s so much going for this club that I would recommend it to anyone, comedian and punter alike.

And so concludes the first Poll on No Punchline; thanks for voting, look out for more polls followed by the end of my career, coming soon!


No Punchline: Best Dublin Comedy Club Poll

Hey, would ya look at that; WordPress blogs have a feature that let’s me post Polls! Having only recently noticed this, I’m going to use this discovery to add a bit of variety to my posts (plus the part of my subconcious that is seemingly trying to derail my comedy dreams everytime I write something now has another way to get on the wrong side of people, causing untold damage to my fledgling career).

Who knows what hilarious referendums I’ll post here in the coming months; maybe a study of what kinds of humour people prefer the most, or a contest to see who is the best new Irish comedian this year (that doesn’t cost 60 euro a head to enter). But for now, I’m starting simple, just so I can see exactly how this whole poll system works.

What I’m asking you to vote on below is your favourite Comedy Club in Dublin. Whether you’re a comedian or a punter, which club do you recommend? Remember, different clubs sometimes share the same venue, and the experience is not always the same- which do you prefer playing? Which do you prefer going to, if just for the social aspect of meeting your comedian friends?

I’ll be posting the results in a week or so, so that gives you guys a week to bounce the link around to your friends, so we can get their opinions too. The results aren’t public (even I can’t see who voted for what) so don;t be afraid of getting blackballed from club A just because you voted for club B. And before people hit the roof when they see the clubs listed; I’ve omitted new clubs or clubs in their infancy- any of the camps listed below have been operating for at least a year, and are WEEKLY gigs in Dublin city center.

OOOOOOOHHH, ya missed it! Sorry!