Can a new comedian on the Irish Stand Up scene manage to do a gig in each of the 32 counties? Follow No Punchline as Monaghan comic Gerry McBride treks around Ireland, telling jokes to varying degrees of success, with guest contributions from some of the finest new acts working today.

  1. Hey Gerry

    Im Mark Hanrattys mate, he was telling me about your blog and i just had to check it out. Its pretty cool and i look forward to marks Energy Drink review hahaha. Keep up the good work


  2. Gerry, Just checking out your blog and noticed you review comedy podcasts. I would like to recommend my show for review. It’s called Radio Rubber Room and we broadcast from a local radio station here in Richmond, VA. We are raunchy and push the envelope with a mix of intelligent and low brow sketch comedy and banter. We also bring in bands every week to play live music amidst interview segments. Thanks for considering my show for review, and if you choose to review it, let me know and I will back link your blog from both my podbean website, the shows blog and the magazine I work for. I appreciate honesty, so an negative review will still garner the same pay off as one that praises the show. Please contact me and let me know the review is up and I will return the favor.


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