The Irish in Edinburgh part 6

Welcome along to the last part of The Irish in Edinburgh, be sure to catch part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4 and part 5!!

Well, the Fringe Festival is in full swing, with great reviews rolling in left and right for the Irish acts. I’m heading over myself in a few weeks to try and catch as many shows as possible in one day (and who knows, maybe try to book one or two spots myself). Thanks to all who kept an eye on the blog for the last few weeks, thanks very much to Vinny McHale for submitting his reviews, and for those that clicked over here from Edinburgh-related Google searches, I hope you took the time to catch some of the acts featured. If not, there is still time before the festival finishes, including last but not least, this final selection of Irish acts, starting with my own review of a show by one of my favourite acts on the Irish Circuit today!

I caught several previews of Rory O’Hanlons third Edinburgh show “Is it Just me that’s Mental?”, the follow up to the acclaimed “Ginger Nuts” and “United by Liverpool”. In the drafts that I watched, Rory explores several themes that should be familiar to those that know his previous work, along with a wealth of new topics and opinions ranging from troubles with visiting Heads-Of-State to dabbling in self-help guides. Delivered with Rorys trademark laid back charm, this show contains what could probably be my favourite joke I’ve heard all year… You would be mental to miss this show.

“Is it Just me that’s Mental?” runs until the 28th at 16:20 in Just the Tonic at the store.

And further to that review, I’d like to post a few more links to other Irish acts in the fringe. I know I’ve probably missed shitloads more acts and for that I apologise, but for now why don’t you check out….

Eddie Naessans

The critically acclaimed Eddie Naessans brings his show “Butter People” to Dropkick Murphys, playing at 17:00 until the 28th. For more on Eddie, click here.

John Lynn

I had the pleasure of gigging with John in the run-up to Edinburgh time and caught glimpses of his latest show; audiences are in for a treat if the head to the Gilded Balloon at 9:30 until the 28th. For more info, head here.

Keith Farnan

Fresh off his work on Michael McIntyres Roadshow and his shows “Sex Traffic” and “No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs, All Welcome”, Keith Farnan brings his new show “Money, Money, Money” to The Underbelly on Cowgate street, at 18:20 until the 28th. Head here for more on Keith.

So head on over and check out all the links to all the acts featured here over the past few weeks; proof for those that needed it that Irish comedy is still exporting raw talent, year after year. No Punchline will be back soon, perhaps with an account of my one day excursion to Edinburgh, and after that we get back to the serious business of finishing this 32 county challenge!

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