The Irish In Edinburgh part 5

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The festival has been rocking and rolling for a couple of weeks now, but we’re only scratching the surface of the Irish talent currently performing; a talent which has been lauded with great reviews from day one. Without further ado, No Punchline dives back into the shows you MUST see while in Edinburgh, handing you back over to Vinny McHale for a few words on another great show he caught in the run-up to the Fringe!


“ Is Masturbaration a side effect of Dyslexia “. That is just one of the myths about dyslexia that Comedian Aidan Bishop tackles. His show Misspelled is about Aidan’s battles with Dyslexia. Having being diagnosed in 2008 Aidan is yet another one of those who spent the majority of his life to date, not understand what was the root of the problem..

Dyslexia is a recognized condition but unfortunately very misunderstood. Aidan Bishop perfectly points this out fully. He informs us of the difficulties one might have if they suffer from dyslexia. One of the symptoms is how it can affect your speech and communication. In Aidan’s case he may want use a particular word but instead of using it he substitutes it with word that sounds and is spelled similary. His light hearted depiction of his younger self being ridiculed for making the mistakes dyslexia causes is astounding. You can understand the frustration many people with dyselexia have. Imagine having a treatable condition being undiagnosed and being mistaken for retardation. Not very nice. Then there is the misunderstanding of what dyslexia is and the myths that grow out of it. Aidans routine on “ Dyslexics get free computers “ is wonderful but the icing on the cake is when he informs us of the I.T. tools available to those with dyslexia. This introduces us to a new comedian called Tech Speech guy. Well worth the watch.

Many comics refer to their dyslexia but most rarely go into it with such detail, openness and conviction. Misspelled is truly an informative piece that is well worth the investment of an hour. A solid piece that will leave audience members recognizing certain aspects of themselves in what Aidan is saying. Some of whom may be only finding out for the first time on both sides of the line.

Misspelled plays in the Gilded Balloon at 9pm until the 28th of August, and thanks once more to Vinny for taking the time to submit his reviews. Now let’s dive into some more must-see Irish Shows!

Jarlath Regan

You might want to make the Gilded balloon your Mecca for Irish comedy, because earlier in the day at 7pm you get the oppurtunity to catch Jarlath Regans wonderful Shock and Ahhh!!! show, running until the 28th as well. For more info on Jarlath, head here.

Eric Lalor

At the Edinburgh Fringe for the first time, Eric Lalor is rocking it up in Opium (venue 96) at 19.45 until the 28th, adding more feathers to his already feathery cap. Follow Eric on Twitter to see him take over the comedy world one dubstep at a time!

Colm O’Regan

And at 4pm until the 29th in- you guessed it- the Gilded Balloon, is Colm O’Regan with his acclaimed show Dislike; a Facebook Guide to the Recession. Having already played as a solo show in the Kilkenny Cat Laughs Festival, Dislike has been garnering great reviews, and is not to be missed. Catch up with Colm here.

No Punchline returns in a few days with the last of our Edinburgh guides, see you then!

  1. August 15th, 2011

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