The Irish in Edinburgh part 3

The Irish in Edinburgh part 1, part 2.

With the fringe festival now in full swing, we’re going to rock on here at No Punchline with more of what you can expect from the talented bunch that set sail from these shores to perform. I stress “from these shores” because our next featured performer is an Aussie through and through, but hey; we adopted him. Here’s Vinny McHale with a quick review of what to expect from Damian Clark: Stand Up.

For those of you who don’t know who Damian Clarke is He is an antipodean tour de force who is a natural mirthster. Damian Clark Stand up is Damo’s return to the Edinburgh Fringe festival since his hugely successful two hander “ I Dare ya “ with Andrew Stanley.

Clarke is a western Australian boy who arrived on our shores six years ago. Everybody who hears the accent will ask the question “ What the fuck are you doing here. In Damo’s own words “ Give me 50 mins and I will tell you “.

Over 50 minutes Damo takes us through his introduction to Irish society with his love of Irish slang words like gee, to his motorway geography knowledge of his native oz and Ireland. He recants his pet hate which happens to be his girlfriend’s pet cat. Mainly because the cats is considered to be a real person. It’s a fun hour which isn’t a crammed with criticisms but a love of the bewilderment that his current environment provides.

If your looking for a pure stand up show than this is for you. I am fastidious when it comes to comedy. However my face was sore with the follow through of listening to Damian Clarks jokes and stories. A must for any one interested in comedy.

Damian Clark; Stand Up runs until the 28th of August at 10pm in the Gilded Balloon.

And while you’re in Edinburgh, check these out too;

Eric Gudmunsen

RyanAir lost my Baby by Eric “Scottie Dundee” Gudmunsen runs in The Jekyl and Hyde from the 4th to the 28th of August, see website for further details!

Ian Perth

Or you could head to Finnegans Wake between now and the 27th to catch “schoolbooks in Wallpaper” by Ian Perth. You can check out specific times and dates here.

Pick ‘n Micks

And if Schoolbooks in Wallpaper isn’t enough Ian Perth for ya, you can also catch him as part of Pick ‘n Micks, which runs across two venues (The Meadow Bar at 7.45 or the Counting  House at 00.15 for nite-owls), where he’ll be joined by the prestigious talents of Greg Marks, John Brennan and Patser Murray!

Shows are roaring in thick and fast so I’ll be back tomorrow with a new batch! Most of my google hits coming in this past week are Irish comedy and Edinburgh related, so hopefully it’ll mean a few extra faces at Irish gigs in Edinburgh!

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