The Irish in Edinburgh part 2

Part 1 of The Irish in Edinburgh can be found here.

Welcome back to No Punchlines rundown of the best Irish acts performing in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this August. Early reports from the festival speak of good attendences and a great atmosphere, so hopefully our home-grown talents will get a chance to rock as many people as they deserve to.

In the last post, we had a guest review from Vinny McHale, who will return with another review soon; today, I’m going to give my personal account of what I feel will be one of the true gems of the fringe;

“Greaterness” by Trevor Browne sees the internationally renowned singer-songwriter graciously take time out of his hectic schedule to play an intimate venue for some of his closest fans, playing for them a mix of beloved greatest hits mixed with tales of his life and travels…

With “Greaterness” comedian Trevor Browne has pulled off the impossible; he has created an onstage persona that is simultaenoesly utterly preposterous and utterly believable. In the preview that I watched, Browne faced a crowd that were mostly in on the joke, mixed with those who were unaware that it was an act; such is his conviction of character. From the moment he steps onstage, he lives it. He breathes it. The act is never dropped for a second. The audience is whisked away on a tour de force of hits ranging from songs about break-ups to surreal meetings with long-dead mentors. Everything is delivered with a confidence that would envied by even the most established acts.

“Greaterness” is a show not to be missed on the Edinburgh Fringe, and runs from August 6th to 29th (excluding 15th)at 19.45 in the Rabbi Burns, 103 High Street.

Other great Irish shows on the Fringe, you say?

Brave New Irish

Brave New Irish is a one-stop shop for those looking for the cream of Irish talent under one roof. From the 4th to the 27th August in Finnegans Wake (venue 101). Week one (4th-11th) sees George Fox and Damon Blake with their 21st Century Boys, and early word suggests that you go early to this one as dozens of punters have been turned away from packed houses already.

Week two (12th-19th) hands the reins over to “Sorry We’re Not more Famous”, the comedy pairing of Kieran Lawless and Barry Mack. Having caught extracts of this show during previews, I can assure punters that this is one not to miss.

Last  but definately not least is week 3 (20th-27th) has Edwin Sammon team up with Kevin McGahern. It’s not for me to pick which Brave New Irish show would be the most unmissable, but… well, I guess it is up to me. And it would be this one; Tedfest Award Winning Edwin pairing with who I believe is one of the most creative comedians on the scene? This is a true treasure waiting for the punters of the Edinburgh Fringe.

No Punchline will be back with more  from the Fringe soon!

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