Fellow Comedians; The Northern Assembly

This week on No Punchline, I’m going to introduce you to the latest and greatest of the comedians from Northern Ireland, guys that I’ve gigged with through the counties of the north who represent the best of the breakthrough Northern Acts and rank among the funniest new guys on the whole island. These lads are starting to appear more and more on the southern circuit (just as southern acts are starting to migrate north), but there may still be loads of promoters who haven’t heard of them yet; well, here’s a wee profile on some of my favourites (passing over some of the higher up lads who don’t really need the exposure), promising to add that distinctive Northern Flavour to any comedy night, anywhere.

Morgan Hearst

First up, Morgan Hearst. I’ve gigged with Morgan many, many times and he’s been a crowd favourite every time. Morgan is the man behind comedy podcast and blog Failed Human, which I will be referencing more and more through this post as it features most of the acts I’m talking about.

You can visit Failed Human here;

Failed Human

Ruairdhi Ward

Oh yeah; Ruairdhri will rock the shit out of you. I first met this guy at a ComedyDublin gig in the Belvedere ages ago, where he was storming the place (and as you may recall; that gig was usually as tough as boots). I’ve never seen the guy do anything other than rip it up. You can listen to Ruairdhi on Failed Human, where you’ll also hear him talk about his comedy alter-ego; a bizarre yet hilarious creation called Harry Stilton. Get acquainted with Harry in the following video;

Marcus Keeley

And if you want to know more about the other star of that clip, Oscar Krisp; look no further! Marcus Keeley is one of the more cerebral acts in the north, with intelligent, deadpan material that commands attention and rewards it tenfold. He’s also a hard worker behind the scenes, with a Youtube channel-full of comedy videos showing the life of a Superstar Poet/ Comedian… For example;

Adam Laughlin

Need an MC? Adam is your guy; he’s been the host for almost half of the gigs I’ve done up north, and has a style that keeps audiences bubbling with energy, which also translates into his peerless solo act. But hey, enough of my gushing, listen to Adam speak to Morgan Hearst on one of the best episodes of Failed Human thus far;

Failed Human; Adam Laughlin

Shane Todd

I met Shane while doing my first ever gig up North (and his first gig ever). Since then we’ve constantly crossed paths both north and south, and he continues to just keep getting better. On top of his stand-up, Shane does several jobs for websites and for radio, including comedy interviews for northern entertainment hub Panic Dots; listen here as he interviews Scott Capurro, and search out the other interviews on the same site!

Panic Dots

Colin Geddis

I’ve gushed about this guy on No Punchline before, but fuck it, here it is again; Colin Geddis is the powerhouse responsible for the hilarious I Am Fighter, and a top-notch stand up act too. On top of all this, he’s part of the team that brings you entertainment podcast Audio Picnic, which you can find here on iTunes

Audio Picnic

And for old times sake, here’s another look at our first meeting with Barry “The Blender” Henderson;

Mickey Bartlett

The host with the most, Mickey is a magician when it comes to keeping law and order in unruly rooms with a rapid-fire style full of fantastic gags. A regular MC in Masons in Derry and The Empire in Belfast, Mickey has the skills and material to rock any room he’s put it, and as the following video shows, he’s no stranger to divilment either!

Magic George

Gorge Quinn AKA Magic George; comedian, magician, showman extraordinaire. George brings his inimitable style to every gig he does, mixing brilliant jokes with mind-bending magic tricks. You can find out more about George here;

Magic George

Sean Hegarty

Blink and you’ll miss them; Sean Hegarty effortlessly spits out one-liners quicker than you can absorb them. I’ve seen Sean gig all over the country, rocking the shit out of audiences every single time, making him not one of my favourite Northern comedians, but one of my favourite comedians, full stop. You can catch up with Sean on his website;

Sean Hegarty

Paddy McGaughey

Pronounced exactly the way it’s spelled, Paddy McGaughey is straight up one of the soundest, funniest guys providing grins up north.On top of his own work as a stand-up, Paddy also runs the Braid Comedy Club; here’s a wee video from Failed Human to show us free-staters with our stairwells the true OPULENCE prevalent in northern green rooms;

Failed Human; Paddy McGaughey

And for extra giggles here’s Paddys take on, eh, landscape gardening ;

Terry Keyes

Last but not least is Omagh Man Terry Keyes, who on top of working his arse off running his monthly club and gigging with his trademark energetic style all over the north, is plugging away at getting his Comedy Sports quiz “Load of Balls” off the ground, bringing together as much of the norths comedy talent as is possible. You can watch the pilot for Load of Balls here;

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg folks; there’s dozens more great acts up North, so many so that I’ll have to do a second blog down the line to cram everyone in. Until then, take a look at the links above, and start getting these guys down south!

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