Panic Dots Interview

Just  a quick post to link you guys over to an interview I did for Panic Dots. com, after I’d gotten off the stage at Queens University a few weeks ago. MC’ed by Damo Clarke, with support from Johnny Candon before being headlined by Tom Stade, the gig was brilliant. I had the seven minute open in the middle, and had a wee stormer in front of the 500 strong crowd. The whole experience was mental; the crowd were mad for comedy, the venue (a tw0-tiered auditorium) was scary big, everyone rocked the shit out of it… that’s before we went back to chill out in a green room that was bigger than the house I grew up in.

So when the interviewer Shane Todd (a Northern Ireland comic with whom I’ve shared many comedy adventures) started with the questions, I was in a seriously giddy mood, which you can probably hear in this clip. In the background, you may here some extra comments and chuckles from the Blender himself, Colin Geddis. head on over and check it out, and have a look around the website while you’re there; there’s something for everyone on it, including interviews with many of the other great comedians that have played in Queens!

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