Fellow Comedians; Colin Geddis

Last week, I went up to Belfast to finish up a show in the Black Box Theatre. The crowd were fantastic, and I had such a good time… But what stuck with me on the way home was the reaction that met a local comedian, a lad called Colin Geddis (who I previously had never seen)  when he went onstage.

Colin was instantly recognised by the audience, and a hey-it’s-that-guy look flashed across the faces of many in the crowd, and the set was GO; he rocked it from start to finish. I turned to the Graeme Watson, the promoter, and asked what the deal was; was Colin on television, or a well-known Belfast comedian? I was told No; Colin is best recognised as being a film-maker, and as the star of I Am Fighter, a YouTube series that he created with a guy called Daniel Watson. I’d never heard of it, so on the way home I was reminding myself to check it out the next day.

Holy. Shit.

I Am Fighter is a mockumentary following aspiring Mixed Martial Artist Barry “The Blender” Henderson as he talks us through his training regime, and it’s fucking hilarious.  No wonder Colin was recognised straight away onstage; the video is a bona fide hit, with over half a million views for the first episode alone. Colin is backing up all the success of these videos with a brilliant Comedy set, so I’ve a feeling that this guy is going to be a name to watch, one way or another. So to all the readers of No Punchline, here’s the first episode of I Am Fighter, with many more online for you to find. Crack a ra’ egg, and enjoy.

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