No Punchline: Best Dublin Comedy Club Poll

Hey, would ya look at that; WordPress blogs have a feature that let’s me post Polls! Having only recently noticed this, I’m going to use this discovery to add a bit of variety to my posts (plus the part of my subconcious that is seemingly trying to derail my comedy dreams everytime I write something now has another way to get on the wrong side of people, causing untold damage to my fledgling career).

Who knows what hilarious referendums I’ll post here in the coming months; maybe a study of what kinds of humour people prefer the most, or a contest to see who is the best new Irish comedian this year (that doesn’t cost 60 euro a head to enter). But for now, I’m starting simple, just so I can see exactly how this whole poll system works.

What I’m asking you to vote on below is your favourite Comedy Club in Dublin. Whether you’re a comedian or a punter, which club do you recommend? Remember, different clubs sometimes share the same venue, and the experience is not always the same- which do you prefer playing? Which do you prefer going to, if just for the social aspect of meeting your comedian friends?

I’ll be posting the results in a week or so, so that gives you guys a week to bounce the link around to your friends, so we can get their opinions too. The results aren’t public (even I can’t see who voted for what) so don;t be afraid of getting blackballed from club A just because you voted for club B. And before people hit the roof when they see the clubs listed; I’ve omitted new clubs or clubs in their infancy- any of the camps listed below have been operating for at least a year, and are WEEKLY gigs in Dublin city center.

OOOOOOOHHH, ya missed it! Sorry!

  1. I voted for the Woolshed, and not just because I dont know what the Halpenny Bridge Inn is

    • maria ruddell bradshaw
    • August 22nd, 2010

    the comedy shed gets my vote

    • Tracey Douglas
    • August 22nd, 2010

    The comedy shed in the Woolshed can make Mondays the best day of the week!

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