How to File an Insurance Claim

With the amount of driving your average comedian does, it’s likely that your car may get a bit pranged up at times. Earlier in the year, during that troublesome big freeze, I slid my car into a ditch on the way from my parents house to Carrickmacross.

It didn’t do that much damage, just dented the bumper a bit. I drove around with it for ages, but with the NCT looming (and those bastards fail you if you’ve left the ashtray open) I decided to fix it up. Figuring fuck it, why should I pay when I can claim it off the insurance, I got in touch with my insurance broker. They said making a claim was no problem, and sent me out a claim form to fill out. The usual things needed to be filed out; cost of repairs, time of incident, things like that… and one thing that kinda threw me a bit.

They wanted me to draw a sketch of what had happened.

I rang them to ask about this, and was told it was standard practice when making a claim; draw out a rough sketch of what had occurred. At this stage, I had decided to not bother making the claim, seeing as how it was going to goose my no-claims bonus for the rest of my life.

So this is what I sent them.

Ok, so I left my house...

... It was 2pm on the 10th of January. It was quite frosty!

The blue dotted line indicates my planned route. The red dotted line shows the route I actually took. Oops! What a spill!

Oh crumbs! I've had a fuckin mischief.

Since sending off this sketch, I have not heard from my insurance company.

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